American Football


All games must start on the scheduled date (local stadium time) for bets to have action.

Abandoned or postponed matches are void unless rearranged and played in the same date (local stadium time) or stated otherwise in the rules. The exception is if we advertise an incorrect kick off time.

All bets on the game include overtime scoring unless stated otherwise.

Games must go a minimum of 55 minutes for action. If a game is suspended before 55 complete minutes are played, all bets on the outcome of the game are refunded unless otherwise stated, except for bets on any markets that have been unconditionally determined.

In 2-way markets push rules apply unless otherwise stated below. Stakes on single bets are returned, and in multiples/parlays the selection is treated as a non-runner.

If a match venue is changed, bets already placed will stand providing the home team is still designated as such. If the home and away team for a listed match are reversed, then bets placed based on the original listing will be void.


Live betting game bets include overtime.

Points are considered regardless of whether they are scored before or after the bet is placed.


Teasers/Super Teasers/Monster Teasers allow adjustment of points spread and game totals on two or more teams.

A fixed number of points are bought on all selections in the teaser. The number of teams selected and the number of points selected determines the payout odds:

6-point Teasers: 

Two teams = -110/1.9

Three teams = +170/2.7

Four teams = +290/3.9

Five teams = +450/5.5

Six teams = +650/7.5

6.5-point Teasers: 

Two teams = -120/1.83

Three teams = +150/2.5

Four teams = +240/3.4

Five teams = +400/5

Six teams = +550/6.5

7-point Teasers: 

Two teams = -130/1.76

Three teams = +130/2.3

Four teams = +190/2.9

Five teams = +350/4.5

Six teams = +450/5.5

10-point Teasers (Super)

Three teams = -120/1.83 (push loses)

13-point Teasers (Monster)

Four teams = -120/1.83 (push loses)

All selections must be successful for the bet to win.

If a selection in the teaser is a push, the teaser will drop to the next lower level, if a lower level is offered for that particular teaser.

A push in a two team teaser without a loss will make the entire bet lost.

When placing a bet on super/monster teaser a push will result in a loss on the bet.

Teaser bets will only be allowed on pre-match events and only for selected leagues, including:

i. Regular teasers for NFL and NCAAF: 6, 6½ and 7 points

ii. SUPER TEASERS: 3 teams teaser - buying 8 points, ties lose, odds -120/1.83

iii. MONSTER TEASER: 4 teams teaser - buying 10 points, ties lose, odds -120/1.83

Buying points

Buying points allows you to change the point-spread or game total of an American Football game. You can move the point-spread so you get more points when betting the underdog, and fewer points when betting on the favourite. You can move the total so you get a higher total when betting the under or a lower total if betting the over.

1st Half

Bets settled on the first half result only.

Bets will be void if the match is abandoned before half time.

If a match is abandoned during the second half then all first half bets are still valid.

2nd Half

Bets settled on the second half result include any overtime played. Bets will be void if the 2nd Half doesn't reach the 25-minute mark.

1st/2nd/3rd/ Quarter

Bets settled on the quarters result only.

If the entire game is not completed, wagers on quarters will have action if the relevant period was completed.

4th Quarter

Bets settled on the 4th quarter result include any overtime played. Bets will be void if the 4th Quarter doesn't reach the 10-minute mark.


Predict the result of a match at halftime and fulltime.

Example: If you chose 1/2, you bet on the home team to lead in the first half and the away team to win the game.

Bets on Halftime/Fulltime exclude overtime.


A prediction of whether the total number of accumulated points in a game will add up to an odd or even number.

First to score/Last to score

First/Last team to score means betting on which team will score the first or last point in a quarter/half/match.

If an Event is abandoned after point is scored then all bets on First team to score will stand while bets on Last team to score will be void, unless it was abandoned after 55th minute.

If an Event is abandoned without any point being scored then allwagers on First/Last team to score will be void.

Total team points

Win/loss is determined by the points accumulated by a named team for the relevant period of the bet, whether it is a quarter, half, or the full match.

Total points (Bands)

Predict in which Band will be the total number of points scored by both teams.

Example – if you choose Band 30-40, your bet wins if the total number of points scored by both teams is between 30 and 40. If it is less than 30 or more than 40, your bet is lost.

Race to 10/15/20/25/30/35/40 Point

Predict which team will be the first to reach the given number of points.

Total team odd/even

Predict if the number of points accumulated by the quoted team in the relevant period (quarter/half/match) will add up to an odd or even number.

To Qualify

Should a team be disqualified from the tournament prior to the match, and a bye is awarded, then all qualification bets will be void.

Over Time

Predict whether the game will go to over time or not.

Highest Half

Highest Half bets include overtime.

Push rules apply.

Highest Quarter

Highest Quarter bets exclude overtime.

Push rules apply.

Team with highest Scoring Quarter

Predict which team will score the most points in one quarter from all quarters in the match. This bet type excludes overtime.


"Touchdowns" is similar to Over/Under Wager.

Win/loss is determined by the number of Touchdowns accumulated by both teams.

Touchdown Scorers

Bets on players not taking part in the match will be void.

If a match is abandoned after the first Touchdown is scored, then all bets on First Touchdown scorer will stand, while bets on Last and Anytime Touchdown scorers will be voided, besides bets on Anytime Touchdown scorer for the first touchdown.

Winning Margin

Predict the team to win the match and the victory margin. Overtime is included (if played).